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AwakeningSoul is an uplifting, four-day event held annually in early November in Asheville, NC

Announcements ...​​

  • We are going virtual 

  • The price for AwakeningSoul 2020 is $385

  • We have reduced the risk of registration - the non-refundable  portion of the deposit is now only $50

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November 5 - 8

Jennifer Bailey

founder and executive director of  The Faith Matters Network and co-founder of The People's Supper

Serene Jones

president of Union Theological Seminary

Brian McLaren

author, speaker, activist, and public theologian

and of course, live music by the AwakeningSoul Ensemble


Come join us

as together we explore issues of grace, justice, mercy, forgiveness,

and a whole lot of other stuff in November 2020 - yes, in November 2020


There will be no better place to be two days after the election than in the sacred container of AwakeningSoul!

AwakeningSoul Friends

Three things for your to-do list...


  1. Register Now

  2. Invite a friend to come with you

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For a Taste of the AwakeningSoul Experience -


Come for ...
a sacred space of hospitality where we can find rest, respite, and renewal
abundant food for hungry souls; intellectual and spiritual nourishment that both challenges and nurtures
deep conversation, uplifting music, evocative art and spirit-filled worship, encouraging us to look deeply into our lives and choices, energizing us as we return to our communities
AwakeningSoul banners and stage


We believe ...

that we all need a place, set apart from the busy-ness of our everyday world, to reflect on our journeys. We need to set aside time when we can examine our lives and ask ‘what do I believe and how are these beliefs being lived out in my life? Who does my life and work serve?’ Our hope is that our AwakeningSoul gatherings create a sacred space where this work of the soul can be done, and that in our coming together we will all be affirmed that we do not journey alone.

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