AwakeningSoul 2020 

A Virtual Gathering

Grace, Justice, Mercy, Forgiveness and a whole lot of other stuff


with Jennifer Bailey, Serene Jones, and Brian McLaren

November 5-8, 2020



Thursday, November 5                                                                                                       

Opening program & Night Prayers with Brian McLaren, Jen Bailey, Serene Jones, and Meaghan Brower

Brian Prior's Thursday evening prayers                                                                                                    


Friday, November 6


Morning worship

Brian Prior's Friday morning prayers   


Contemplative meditation (pre-recorded)                                                                                                                                                                                      

Morning program with Serene Jones & Brian McLaren                           


Afternoon program & Song and Prayer with Jennifer Bailey  

Brian Prior's Friday evening prayers                   


The People's Supper Resources

The People's Supper Virtual Guidebook

Invitation to Brave Space

Sound Meditation with River Guerguerian and Chris Rosser  - we apologize but we did not capture a recording of this                                    


Evening meditation 



Saturday, November 7


Morning worship 

Brian Prior's Saturday morning prayers                                                                                   


Contemplative meditation                                                                      


Morning Session                    

Brian McLaren's Slides


Afternoon Session 

Song and prayer  

Brian Prior's Saturday evening prayers  


Concert by the AwakeningSoul Ensemble                                                  


Evening meditation

Sunday, November 8

Morning program with Jen Bailey & Worship 

Brian Prior's prayers and order of worship                


Additional stuff

Banner Video - Holly Doll describes the banners   


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