Here are a few snapshots of the pre-production for AwakeningSoul 2019

MONDAY - three days to go. Ann and Fran meet to decide the layout for the banners, using the cards. We were at a coffee shop and a woman came over and said "wow...those are beautiful!"
Ann on the run (upon arrival... the room was still set from a previous event)
Eric Murrell rigs the stage and preps for the sound system
Once the room is clear and Eric has the stage set, Fran starts rigging the banners to hang
Monday night - after a 12 hr drive, Charles and Lindsey arrive from FL with the PA and instruments
TUESDAY - Charles and Fran set up chairs, pipe and drape and lighting is being rigged, Ann hustles to the next project
with expert help from River
Isabel, Chris and River are in and its...sound check time... fine tuning the monitor mix, with Eric Murrell at the wheel! Sound checks are traditionally not much fun but with this crew...
it's a pretty light-hearted time!
And then.... here we go!!
Photo by Ryan Camp ©Northman Creative

Here are two songs recorded LIVE at AS 2019

Grateful Heart  words and music by Lindsey Blount/Fran McKendree arr. by the ASE
AS LIVE GRATEFUL HEART MIX 1.1MSTR v1 44AwakeningSoul Ensemble
00:00 / 03:30
Awake  words J.P. Newell  music David E. Poole arr. F. McKendree and the ASE
AS 2019 LIVE AWAKE MIX 1MSTR v1 44_16.mpAwakeningSoul Ensemble
00:00 / 05:40
© 2019 AwakeningSoul

Love Has Overcome - AwakeningSoul 2018



AwakeningSoul Ensemble vocalist, Lindsey Blount Lange, talks about the creative process of writing a chant with Fran McKendree.

Songs from previous events

Selah - The AwakeningSoul Ensemble
00:00 / 00:00
Grace Awaits - The AwakeningSoul Ensemble
00:00 / 00:00
Justice and Love - The AwakeningSoul Ensemble
00:00 / 00:00

Pictures of the ensemble (2017)

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